Since we’re talking about heaven…

There’s a movie coming out about heaven and it brings up a question that I’ve encountered pretty often in my life, and I’m sure you have too.

“I’m a good person. I teach my kids to love unconditionally. I show respect to others. Why do I need to go to church and believe in God? Isn’t this enough to get into heaven?”

It would be, if getting into heaven was about being good. Or respecting others. Or teaching your kids to love unconditionally. But it’s not. Salvation is not something you earn with your good works, salvation is something you accept instead of them.

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Prayer – An Invitation of Partnership

I believe that some of us struggle with prayer.

There are a few things that can get in our way when it comes to having a great prayer life. It might be the expectations we have on when to pray and what to pray about. We might be confused about the sort of “prerequisites” needed before we can pray (is my faith strong enough, was I good enough today, etc.). It might even be the doubts that can plague us; doubts like what if it doesn’t happen or what if it’s not in God’s plan.

But I believe the biggest hindrance can be us not understanding the purpose, or being confused by it.  The “why we pray” part. I mean, the outcome of a situation has already been determined for the most part, right? So what’s gonna happen is gonna happen. Time has been laid out, the plan has been made, so am I just praying so that my “will” aligns more with his? Am I praying for myself to be more accepting of his will and what he wants to do? And God already knows and supplies what we need, so what things am I asking for?

If it helps at all, I would like to throw out a perspective that changed my prayer life.
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