Serving does not mean Condoning


I bring this next topic up because I want my posts to be relevant to contemporary Christianity. As such, I feel that not all my posts need to be about theological issues, but also issues related to what’s going on today and how we should respond.

In April, Mississippi passed a law that restricted the government from impeding the free practice of religion for their citizens. While there were many positive intended uses for this law, it has also been used to support the action of refusing to do business with people whom you don’t agree with their lifestyle – i.e. the LGBT community.

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Living in Grace-full Slavery


What does living in grace mean?

In my last post I spoke on living in a state of grace and forgiveness – where our sins no longer condemn us to eternity without God. Well, then how are we supposed to live? What keeps us accountable to do what’s right?

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Suck It Up

Every time I read Paul’s epistles and try and get a feel for who the guy was, I almost always reach the same conclusion; I don’t much care for him.

I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy and everything, but I don’t think I could spend much time with him. He always strikes me as having a bit of a pretentious, know-it-all attitude that’s hard to be around. I could be flat out wrong of course. After all, I’m basing this off of some 13 letters he wrote to struggling churches, some while he was in jail, so I’m sure that’ll color it up a bit. I’m just saying that, at this point, we probably wouldn’t be BFF’s.

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Self-Imposed Slavery

In the days of the Old Testament and in the lives of those without Christ, life was governed by rules, rituals and regulations. There were foods you could not eat or touch. There were drinks you could not have, and holy days that had to be observed. People were unclean and untouchable, ostracized from society. Those were the days of the Law. And we are fighting not to return to them. Continue reading