Serving does not mean Condoning


I bring this next topic up because I want my posts to be relevant to contemporary Christianity. As such, I feel that not all my posts need to be about theological issues, but also issues related to what’s going on today and how we should respond.

In April, Mississippi passed a law that restricted the government from impeding the free practice of religion for their citizens. While there were many positive intended uses for this law, it has also been used to support the action of refusing to do business with people whom you don’t agree with their lifestyle – i.e. the LGBT community.

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Since we’re talking about heaven…

There’s a movie coming out about heaven and it brings up a question that I’ve encountered pretty often in my life, and I’m sure you have too.

“I’m a good person. I teach my kids to love unconditionally. I show respect to others. Why do I need to go to church and believe in God? Isn’t this enough to get into heaven?”

It would be, if getting into heaven was about being good. Or respecting others. Or teaching your kids to love unconditionally. But it’s not. Salvation is not something you earn with your good works, salvation is something you accept instead of them.

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“Free” Doesn’t Mean “Work For It”


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Have you ever felt like you’re just not as Christian as you should be? That the “new creation” still looks like the “old creation” or that these white robes you’ve been given just aren’t tailored to fit right?

That producing your “fruits” is taking a lot of effort and after all the work, they come out tasting more bitter than sweet?

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Prayer – The Battle Being Fought

WARNING: This post is much longer than normal. For the quick answer, scroll to the bottom where it says “Conclusion,” and then come back when you have time to read the details!


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“I just read your original prayer post and the phrase about God wanting to give us the ‘desires of our heart’ towards the end is a concept I have been struggling with. I am not sure I believe it…is this something we should be hoping in as much as we seem to?” ~AH

This question was asked by a friend after reading an earlier post on prayer, and it’s probably one of the most important ones Christians should ask on the subject, because we have all thought about it one way or the other, but many of us are afraid to ask it out loud for fear of being seen as ungrateful or even ungodly. Continue reading

The Church and Politics: What’s Our Responsibility?


Is the American Church too involved in it’s government?

I used to assume that part of the Church’s responsibility was to be heavily active in American politics. Of course it is our Christian duty to vote – and vote conservatively. Of course we should protect our rights to bear arms. Of course we should pledge allegiance to the flag.

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