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#InsightsFromFiction – Our Limbo of Victory


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“Frodo, neither the Voice nor the Eye: free to choose, and with one remaining instant to do so. He took the Ring off his finger.” -Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Our struggle. Daily, even minute by minute at times. So accurately described in so many places, and yet no easier to deal with.

We are neither the Voice nor the Eye, the Holy Spirit nor the Spirit of Evil. We are the agent in the middle, free to choose – and at times with only an instant to do so. Continue reading


Faith – An Us Thing or a God Thing?

Faith does not come from us. It doesn’t originate from us. It’s not initiated by us. The Bible seems to make this clear. But does this mean we can’t have faith without God flipping a switch in us? No.

Here’s the thing: if God had no part in our faith, then we could say, “I believed in God without any help at all!” This isn’t biblical. But it also doesn’t mean that God directly causes some to have faith and some not. What would be the point of Paul’s argument in Romans – that no one has an excuse not to have faith in God – when, in fact, they do have an excuse; God never gave them faith! Simply doesn’t make sense, and it’s because we’ve misunderstood something about faith.

Faith is always the second step. Continue reading



What do you value about fiction? How has fiction impacted your life? -MM

This was submitted by a friend on my Ideas? page and was one that I felt had a lot to offer to the Christ follower and their walk.

A while ago I started tweeting quotes from fiction books I read with the hashtag of “#InsightsFromFiction” (I’ve done, like, 30 of these, but when I looked it up it only shows the most absolute recent ones… oh don’t worry, I’m writing my Senator about this outrage…). This hashtag was a response to what seemed like an unusual amount of negative feedback, within a short amount of time, I was getting from people in my life about (a) the pointlessness of fiction or (b) how it had nothing significant to contribute to the reader or (c) it was a waste of time (really all three points are basically the same…but I like to rephrase stuff for maximum impact…do you feel impacted? Mission accomplished).  Continue reading

Prayer – An Act of Creating


God knows everything and so why should we pray? Do we need to pray if he already knows all?   -SC

This is probably one of the most important questions to be answered that I’ve come across. This was asked by a friend using the Ideas? page and it’s one that plagued me for years.

Some of this has been addressed in my previous post on prayer, so I would ask that you read that one first before diving into this one, since I’ll be building on what I said there. The part I’m going to focus a little more in this post is the “why” part in the question above. Why should we pray?  Continue reading

Faith-Based Decisions


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If your decisions are going to determine who you will be, then the most important thing to look at is your decision making paradigm; your faith and where you put it.

Have you seen the lives of those who put their faith in money? Where do they end up?

Have you seen those who put their faith in themselves above all else? How do their lives look?

What about those who put their faith entirely in what others can do for them?

Do you know someone who puts their faith in God? Continue reading

Pottery-Making Decisions

Hands Working on Ceramic Piece

How often do you think about the impact your decisions have on yourself?

I know this sounds basic, but hear me out. The decisions you make slowly mold you as you get older. You can picture it like this: your hands are working the potter’s wheel and as it turns, you are constantly determining how slim the pot will be, what it will be used for, and what the overall shape will be. As your hands move slowly up and down, the pot begins to take form and before you know it you’re done, the pot has been baked, and you’re putting on the final touches.   Continue reading