I keep finding that the world has a gross misunderstanding of how God relates to us. So I’m working on correcting it with my life and writings, with the hope that one day people will see him as a relational being who seeks to restore us in our brokenness, rather than lord our brokenness over us.

I’m currently a father of a gorgeous daughter and husband of an amazing woman. I started this blog to document some thoughts I had about what Christ teaches me through my life. I’m hoping others can gain some encouragement or insights from these lessons I receive.

Let me know if an illustration or phrase really hit home for you, or if something was confusing, so that I can refine my writing skills and make sure I’m not muddling the message!


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Serving does not mean Condoning


I bring this next topic up because I want my posts to be relevant to contemporary Christianity. As such, I feel that not all my posts need to be about theological issues, but also issues related to what’s going on today and how we should respond.

In April, Mississippi passed a law that restricted the government from impeding the free practice of religion for their citizens. While there were many positive intended uses for this law, it has also been used to support the action of refusing to do business with people whom you don’t agree with their lifestyle – i.e. the LGBT community.

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