The Church and Politics: What’s Our Responsibility?


Is the American Church too involved in it’s government?

I used to assume that part of the Church’s responsibility was to be heavily active in American politics. Of course it is our Christian duty to vote – and vote conservatively. Of course we should protect our rights to bear arms. Of course we should pledge allegiance to the flag.

Well… shouldn’t we?

I’ve stumbled across some readings that have caused me to question this stance. Readings from people I respect. Gregory Boyd and Jeremy Jernigan to name individuals, “Myth of a Christian Nation” and “Pagan Christianity” to name some books, biblical phrases like Christians being “ambassadors of heaven” or “not of this world,” and biblical passages like Romans 13.

While I may not agree with everything stated by these sources, it has caused me to question and wonder: What should the Christian’s relationship with their government look like? How involved should the Church be with it? Would we be more effective with our sermons if we weren’t afraid to lose our tax exempt status? Would we be more effective in showing Jesus’ heart for the poor if we didn’t depend so much on the government to do it for us? Is it right for the Church to use the country’s government to enforce Christian values on non-Christians?

Can Christians fight to kill in a “just cause” war?

I’m still fleshing out the details of how I feel about this relationship between the Church and the American government. So before I dive in, I’m interested in what thoughts might be out there among my friends, family, and readers.

How involved should the Church really be in politics?


One thought on “The Church and Politics: What’s Our Responsibility?

  1. Sounds like a book needs to be written. There is a balance. All the questions are pointed and desire study and comment and dialogue. Using the Bible as the spring board to find the answers for all of these questions, I bet I would find different answers for addressing each. For instance, we should not be “afraid” to speak the Truth for any reason; we being us Christians. The American church handed charity over to the government in the 1930’s (?) with the New Deal, so we should labor to comfort those who are being oppressed and strive to educate the populous to change the laws of our land. We are to shine Jesus Light in every area, in every nation, in every situation. We are to be the “salt and the light”. This means being pro-active in moral living in our nation and other nations to drive them from heinous acts and to help them to be free in Christ in their mind, body, and soul. Not one answer, not one solution but the leading of the Holy Spirit in Truth and Spirit and in prayer and thanksgiving…love you, MaMa

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